The Great Elephant Census

Paul G. Allen wanted to create a future where African elephants are safe from extinction. The Great Elephant Census was born - the largest, pan-Africa aerial survey since the 1970s, involving 38 countries and 50 scientists, covering more than 600,000km. Completed in 2016, it now forms an essential baseline for future African elephant conservation efforts.

Devon served as internal lead for the PR team overseeing communications strategy.



Devon oversaw account service, content development and communications strategy for the Great Elephant Census from 2013 to 2015. 

Devon secured hits in national and international outlets such as the Huffington Post, the Guardian, PBS Newshour, National Geographic and Scientific American.

By the numbers:

Hits: 24 in the first year

Reach: 100+ million from only those 24.

One event Devon managed garnered over 1.3 million social mentions.


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